Screenshot 1 - Cópia - Cópia
Screenshot 1 - Cópia - Cópia

The PG Ranking is the name of a table created by Felipe de Farias in purpose to be just a joke with some Pouetpu-games users.

The table consists of showing the 30 best users of the site (even can have more) and their activity they have every week. The table is updated every saturday.

The table shows the score all users got through the week, being affected by the quantity and quality of the levels submitted.

Score system Edit

Felipe de Farias made a score system where people can check what they can get on every week:

Level section points Edit

  • 10 Points For Submiting a Level: Every level that you submit, you win your first 10 points!!
  • 50 Points When Your Level Reach The Best Section: You have an amazing work!!!
  • 20 Points When Your Level Reach The Good Section: You need to improve to win More points!!!
  • 0 Points When Your Level Reach The Spam Section

Rating points Edit

  • 100% to 98% Rating Score: Win 25 Points
  • 97% to 95% Rating Score: Win 20 Points
  • 94% to 92% Rating Score: Win 15 Points
  • 91% to 89% Rating Score: Win 10 Points
  • 88% to 70% Rating Score: Win 5 Points
  • Less Than 70%: Win 0 Points

Tag Levels ponts Edit

  • 2 or 3 People = Win 15 Points
  • 4 or 5 People = Win 10 Points
  • 6 to 9 People = Win 8 Points
  • 10 or More = Win 5 Points
  • Create a Tribute Level = Win 5 Points

Table Edit

Screenshot 1 - Cópia - Cópia - Cópia

The table is divided into three categories: Elite Division (with the best scores), The second Division and The Third Division.

The user with the biggest score of the Elite Division is considered "leader".

Users who were and are leaders: Przem1994,Jamesbond13 and Creative(2)

Screenshot 1 - Cópia - Cópia
Screenshot 1 - Cópia - Cópia - Cópia
Screenshot 1-0

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