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Thomas Oliver Murphy (known as Tonic ze Hedgefox in the website) is one of the users of Pouetpu-Games. He's a generally an inactive user on the site, but lurks around the chats. His often used character is based on an orange recoloured Sonic with Rainbow Dash's wings. 

History Edit

Thomas100 Edit

Tonic had an old account which is, for now, abandonned. It was called Thomas100, but little is known about this account and the actions made by this user.

Tonic ze HedgefoxEdit

Tonic rejoined on Pouetpu-games on 2013 and created levels from then out. But he later left Poueptu-games and only stayed on the chats. He makes levels scarcly now.

Activity Edit

Easy Grass Plains Edit

Tonic's first level on his new account. It was created on 22/03/2013 and had naturally good ratings, with a current rating of 90% and still in the Best Levels. The level was a simple grassland level made in SMF2, it had some issues (slanted pipe death and impossible to get out pit) but still got had a nice overall feel.

Series Edit

Tonic was going to start a level series but they were instantly cancelled. A list of important ones:

  • Forest of Wonder
  • Super Mario and the Crystal Gray Shard

Relationships Edit

Friends and Allies Edit

Tonic has a few friends and allies, which some that are not apart of the Poueptu-Games community.

Even some users could say that Tonic lacks friends, he doesn't really has alot of them, because most of the community finds him annoying. Tonic could be mean to his friends however, and rarely vice-versa.

Poueptu-Games friends Edit

  • Luigibonus
  • Axew13 (one-sided)
  • Echo

Others Edit

  • Shade The Hedgehog
  • Hazard
  • CyberSonic
  • Jason

Enemies Edit

Tonic, for the ohter hand, has alot of enemies, because as said, most of the community finds him annoying.

  • Unown
  • tba


  • Tonic is usually considered a stereotype of the modern world, being a fanboy of Sonic, Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy's and (originally) My Little Pony.
  • Tonic originally owned two Minecraft servers, one for a a fangame and the other for his own needs.