A tribute level is a frequent term given to a level made by a user who wanted to dedicate his level to someone (frequently) or something else (rare).

The tribute levels could be done by different purposes that have influenced the level maker so those reasons made him/her to want to make the level. Actually, is easy to find a level dedicated to someone for: being a user's friend, being a recognized user and/or winning a contest, however, the reasons could be varied.

These levels for someone could be made using the dedicated user's style combined with the developer's own style or just like a normal level.

In case that the user makes a tribute level for something is normally for some moments and reasons such: Mario series' birthday, any favorite series the user likes, etc.

Structure Edit

Tribute levels are just a normal level where its principal objective is to be shown to the dedicated user.

The level doesn't necessarily requires a higher level and can be any kind of gameplay, but it could have some of the style the dedicated user normally employs and the own style of the level maker.

The level could be a theme the dedicated user loves (for example, if the user likes castle themed levels) or which alludes to something (for example, a megaman tribute level with megaman games backgrounds).

Badges based on tribute levels Edit

The following table shows all official Pouetpu-games badges based on the quantity of tribute levels the user has: