What are troll accounts? Edit

They are accounts that are made to fake-rate, post fake/spam levels, or just for making fun of pg or annoying the mods!

Who does them? Edit

Many users. Some stopped and some still do some today. The two main troll account makers are Unown and teije.

How do they make them so fast? Edit

Well, they use sites that get you temporary email addresses quickly. The record was said to be a troll account per minute.

How do they impact PG? Edit

Well, they annoy a lot of users (especially mods). They might have made some people leave PG as well.

On the other hand, they can make users laugh and stay at PG because the troll accounts are funny.

Autoban and troll accounts Edit

Looks like autoban doesn't stop the troll accounts. Unown and teije probably use proxy. IP ban needed.

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