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    Hey guys the wikia is back and there will be two positions opened soon.

    Content Moderator and Rollback. The both will benefit the wikia and these groups will be capable of guarding the wikia in case I'm not around. The roles will be give if I'm giving the Bueracrat position. If I am not well this wikia will inevitable die as sooner or later with only me.

    Temp Admin or Admin:

    In order to be a permenent admin you must've been a Rollback or Content Moderator for a few months and must be very efficent at your roll. Another way is to be a very efficent temp admin. If I ever leave a temp admin will then be picked. However, he will not be permenet. Unless the user proved to be extreemely efficent.

    Admins have the most power outside the owner as they …

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  • DBAF12345

    News - 04/03/2015

    April 3, 2015 by DBAF12345

    The inital BG of the Pouetpu Wiki was pretty generic and the text, while not awful, was pretty simplistic. I added a more creative BG and a more fancy tittle. I just wanted to spice up this wikia, but if this change is ultimately disagreed with, It'll be changed back :)

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