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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 05/31/2015

    May 31, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    I feel sad to announce this, but I have noticed few changes and inactivity from our second admin of this wiki (DBAF12345), which makes me to think he don't really deserves to be admin anymore.

    In one occasion he told me he was going to be inactive and I understood, however, the problem was that he became more inactive without telling me the reason.

    Another problem is that he hardly puts effort to the wiki, changing only his pages. I know he has warned some people, but the vandalism got insane and if it weren't by Lady Lostris (a VSTF user) who reverted those edits, I could hardly noticed them.

    So, thanks to Lady Lostris for being helping this wiki a bit, but unfortunately I made the decision to demote DBAF12345

    He can possibly be admin later, …

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  • G-Anaktigma

    Due to the users and admins were against the wiki being shut down, I decided to keep the wiki and to work on it more than ever.

    The wiki might not be popular for now, but I see future on this.

    I'm now again active, ready to help new users by providing helpfull info and in disposition to stop users to vandalise it.

    I have to say I'll be wroking on making new articles, updating the old ones and adding more features to make the wiki quite unique.

    For now, some features the wiki includes are: The bottom message which allows you to know more about the important changes made, custom new users welcome message and a set of powerful actions aganst troll users (this can only be used by me).

    One of the features I'm planning to include is the last edit inf…

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 04/25/2015

    April 25, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    Even Pouetpu Wiki got its 101st article, I noticed there are some nonconformity with it. This isn't about trolls who keeps vandalising this site, is about the small fame it has.

    I will tell this once again, Pouetpu Wiki was owned by me (not created) with intentions of providing help to new and actual users about Pouetpu-games website.

    However, it seems it didn't got the popularity I really expected, and few of the users of our PG community aren't agree with the creation of this, objecting that they find the wiki pointless since the creation of Brendant98's guide; and to say the truth, I'm agree with them.

    "Why to keep fighting with trolls if, even we won the fights, this wiki isn't famous, being a pointless fight"

    For that reason, Pouetpu Wiki i…

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 04/09/2015

    April 9, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    I might be able to make some changes here and adding or removing information, however I'm not as active as I used to be here, I'm still having problems with projects in real life, so I will be rarely making edits.

    That means I will not be able to return to Pouetpu-games during these projects, but I may be able to check Pouetpu xat and Pouetpu Wiki sometimes.

    I will announce two things:

    DBAF12345 (temp-admin) is getting more possibilities of being the second official admin of this wiki, however I will need to evaluate him more than ever, and this might take some time.

    I decided to open a small forum where all users are able to make new posts.

    The forum is divided into five categories: General Discussion (where we will be talking about problems a…

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 04/02/2015

    April 2, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    For now, I (G-Anaktigma) got some serious problems and projects to do in real life, making me leave Pouetpu-games, Pouetpu Xat and, obviously, Pouetpu Wiki.

    I will be inactive at thse three platforms, not doing anything.

    Wait, but you're the global admin and bureaucrat here, what will happen with the vandalism and blocking users? who will be doing the important things here? Since I didn't got any request for admin on my now removed blog post "Calling for Admin of Pouetpu Wiki" and looking at the best users who are now contributing on this wiki, I have choosen DBAF12345 as a temp-admin.

    Temp-admin doesn't assures me to giving that user the total control forever, however, I really need a person who is really comitted to work here (or at least to…

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