I'm planning to be an administrator of this wiki!

Since all users who were contributing on this wiki are gone, I'm assuring to add more features to this wiki to finally make it public on Pouetpu-games and to ask new users to consult this for help (I don't care if they add me as a friend or not).

As registered user, I'm adding new pages and editing the old ones every day and hour. All to make this wiki useful.

This wiki isn't against the Third Edition Guide made by Brendant98, this wiki has some tips to, for example, making a new account and reporting a fake-rater, however, the main idea is to share the frequent information users asks, on the guide you can follow all steps to make a proper level or reviewing properly. This wiki also asks users to consult it.

However, even I want to help, I have limitations, like other users, fortunately I have been more than 1 week, I have made at least 130 edits and I'm aiming for the "Two Weeks on the Wiki" badge! all of this to make a good reference of my work and why I would be a mod here.

If I have the title, of course I will contribute more than ever and I will add more features.

Making this the official Pouetpu-games Wiki!

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