I, G-Anaktigma, am now the administrator of this wikia.

Since I joined to edit pages to add useful info for new users and visitors, besides creating one based on myself, I wanted to be admin so every edit on this page could be safe, without vandalism.

This wiki didn't had a admin since 2 years, being objective of vandalism and, even vandalism didn't happen, all pages weren't useful for anyone.

Everyday I'm here to implement more basic and helpful info so every user who join could have a small notion of what PG is.

I haven't return to PG, but when I do, I will ask the most serious people to work here with me, this to implement more extended info.

As admin and bureaucrat here I can do the following things normal users can't:

• Add more admins

• Ban users

• Change the actual page theme (background, tab icon, etc)

• Delete pages and images, and undelete pages and images

• Enable and disable a wiki features (badges, polls, chat, etc)

• Protect and unprotect pages from edits

However, even I can do everyhting listed above, I WILL NOT protect pages, so everybody can make any edit to them, I'm here to check everybody's actions and I will undo changes I consider useless.

Want to be an admin? First you need to contribute to this wiki and all your edits must be serious and well-made, then proceed to acumulate a 1 week edit, finally ask me on my talk page and I will check everything about you. I'm not requesting more admins, however, you could be an admin if you do all I mentioned.

--G-Anaktigma (talk) ??:??, February 5, 2015 (UTC)(Global Admin and Bureaucrat)--

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