There are few things I want to share with you:

Theme change:

There is a possibilty to change the background and theme of this wiki, but not assured since they are the official PG colors.

The logo (Image that when you clic it and redircts you to home page) will also be changed to a transparent one and chaging the text to " WIKI"

Home page

The home page has been changed, now I have added a slideshow with the most interesting articles. The home page also includes important links to check out our staff and news. Finally, I added a poll where people could determine which user is the best on PG (not on this wikia).

Unfortunately, I'm thinking on protecting it from edits because is the main page, frequently checked by a lot of people, however, only this page (plus my personal pages such blogs and everything) are going to be protected, the other articles can be edited by anyone.


This wiki allowed badges, which is something good so people could make more responsible edits. Since I see I can change the image (but not the badge itself) I'm planning to make images alluded to Pouetpu-games games, for example, Goomba for making the first edit and Boom-boom for making more than 200 edits. I just have to plan this.

Categories changes

Anyone can edit a page to move them to a category on this wiki, but since I spotted a bad organization I will orginize more this so this wiki could be easy to displace.

Sprites data

I spotted articles such "Goomba", "Koopa", "Mario", etc. They are good articles, but have nothing alluded to SMF1 and SMF2 until the end, I'm planning to remove some unnecessary info and add more info alluded to PG games.

That's everything for now :)

--G-Anaktigma (talk) 22:26, February 7, 2015 (UTC)(Global Admin and Bureaucrat)

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