For now, I (G-Anaktigma) got some serious problems and projects to do in real life, making me leave Pouetpu-games, Pouetpu Xat and, obviously, Pouetpu Wiki.

I will be inactive at thse three platforms, not doing anything.

Wait, but you're the global admin and bureaucrat here, what will happen with the vandalism and blocking users? who will be doing the important things here? Since I didn't got any request for admin on my now removed blog post "Calling for Admin of Pouetpu Wiki" and looking at the best users who are now contributing on this wiki, I have choosen DBAF12345 as a temp-admin.

Temp-admin doesn't assures me to giving that user the total control forever, however, I really need a person who is really comitted to work here (or at least to respond at something important), being DBAF12345 my best option. DBAF12345 has been contributing a lot here, so he deserves the title.

After you come back, will DBAF12345 still be admin?

I'm giving him my total confidence and I hope he could be a great user and nice contribuitor.

When I come back to Pouetpu Wiki, (and if all things done by that user were really helpful) he will be the second admin of this wiki.

See you guys, and I hope everybody continues to contribute more.

G-Anaktigma (talk) 22:15, April 2, 2015 (UTC) (For now, Inactive Admin and Bureaucrat)

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