I might be able to make some changes here and adding or removing information, however I'm not as active as I used to be here, I'm still having problems with projects in real life, so I will be rarely making edits.

That means I will not be able to return to Pouetpu-games during these projects, but I may be able to check Pouetpu xat and Pouetpu Wiki sometimes.

I will announce two things:

About DBAF12345

DBAF12345 (temp-admin) is getting more possibilities of being the second official admin of this wiki, however I will need to evaluate him more than ever, and this might take some time.

About the Forum feature

I decided to open a small forum where all users are able to make new posts.

The forum is divided into five categories: General Discussion (where we will be talking about problems and/or suggestions for this wiki), Promotion (where users can ask for be admins), Questions and Answers (where users can ask something important about the wiki), About the forum (where users can suggest another board to be opened) and Off-topic (where users are free to ask and post anything the want).

Feel free to post on the right boards ;)

G-Anaktigma (talk) 07:03, April 9, 2015 (UTC) (Admin and Bureaucrat)

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