Even Pouetpu Wiki got its 101st article, I noticed there are some nonconformity with it. This isn't about trolls who keeps vandalising this site, is about the small fame it has.

I will tell this once again, Pouetpu Wiki was owned by me (not created) with intentions of providing help to new and actual users about Pouetpu-games website.

However, it seems it didn't got the popularity I really expected, and few of the users of our PG community aren't agree with the creation of this, objecting that they find the wiki pointless since the creation of Brendant98's guide; and to say the truth, I'm agree with them.

"Why to keep fighting with trolls if, even we won the fights, this wiki isn't famous, being a pointless fight"

For that reason, Pouetpu Wiki is likely to be removed, but we (DBAF12345 and I, who are admins) are giving one chance to see if the wiki could be necessary and more people could be interested in joining and helping it, adding more info and editing the actual articles.

But, if the wiki continues to be empty and there aren't such important stuff here, the wiki will be removed.

We want to hear people if they are agree with the wiki deletion or if they are committed in joining here.

Please comment here about what you think

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