Due to the users and admins were against the wiki being shut down, I decided to keep the wiki and to work on it more than ever.

The wiki might not be popular for now, but I see future on this.

I'm now again active, ready to help new users by providing helpfull info and in disposition to stop users to vandalise it.

I have to say I'll be wroking on making new articles, updating the old ones and adding more features to make the wiki quite unique.

For now, some features the wiki includes are: The bottom message which allows you to know more about the important changes made, custom new users welcome message and a set of powerful actions aganst troll users (this can only be used by me).

One of the features I'm planning to include is the last edit info on all article so we could know which user added a new info.

Enjoy your stay!

G-Anaktigma (talk) 19:42, May 2, 2015 (UTC) (Owner)

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