I feel sad to announce this, but I have noticed few changes and inactivity from our second admin of this wiki (DBAF12345), which makes me to think he don't really deserves to be admin anymore.

In one occasion he told me he was going to be inactive and I understood, however, the problem was that he became more inactive without telling me the reason.

Another problem is that he hardly puts effort to the wiki, changing only his pages. I know he has warned some people, but the vandalism got insane and if it weren't by Lady Lostris (a VSTF user) who reverted those edits, I could hardly noticed them.

So, thanks to Lady Lostris for being helping this wiki a bit, but unfortunately I made the decision to demote DBAF12345

He can possibly be admin later, I see some potential in him and I hope he could make helpful changes to the wiki so he could be Admin again.

G-Anaktigma (talk) 15:03, May 31, 2015 (UTC) (Owner)

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