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    09dhowell v. RetzorgIII

    August 21, 2015 by Retzorg

    This blog post keeps track of a "legal" battle between 09dhowell and RetzorgIII over whether or not Pouetpu-games allows moderators have the power to tell users that they aren't allowed to give 10/10 rates to levels that don't "deserve" them.

    Warning to RetzorgIII:

    Please review levels correctly. Your review on Camdavis8's level isn't legit, spamming 10/10s is NOT going to help the creators improve. It's okay to ignore a few cut-offs but levels which generally have lots of flaws should not be rated 10/10, big flaws are not good and if the user receives a 10/10, they're going to think they don't need to improve and will keep making the same mistakes. Review correctly next time and if there's flaws, point them out. You've done this on other sp…

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