ZidaneZ  is an infamous inactive user of Pouetpu-games. He's mostly known as the creator of Chaos Edition hack and for making lots of levels, including the longest level ever recorded on Pouetpu Centrifugal Centinnium, which was x208,000 long. This level like many other ZidaneZ levels was deleted.



KING OF THE PORCH (Registered User)











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JMuth561 account Edit

His first account, had the most rates of anyone on the site, but got banned by Pouetpu for being a "moron", according to Pouetpu. It is believed that he was banned from the site for exposing information regarding Pouetpu's brutality to other users, as well as for attempting to run a more family-friendly level portal.

Hacking Edit

ZidaneZ made one of the first hacks, Super Mario Muhhh, but it was only really normal SMF2 with a new set of backgrounds. What he is famous for is for Chaos Edition, which is known as being one of the best hacks ever made, and is frequently used, especially by Lord Apoplexy, to make levels. In mid 2014, ZidaneZ updated the hack.

Inactivity Edit

There are a number of events which led to ZidaneZ's inactivity.

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